IBN Battuta Shopping Mall, Dubai, UAE

IBN Battuta Shopping Mall, Dubai, UAE

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall is considered to be the Largest Themed Mall in the World.

Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, formerly known as Gardens Shopping Mall has finally crystallized its name as a tribute to the homecoming of a hero from the pages of history. Touted to be one of the largest themed malls in the world and certainly with largest façade of over 1.2 km, the Garden Shopping Mall is being architecturally designed and constructed to resemble the lands visited by the 14th century traveler. This great Arabian explorer was and remains to this day, a powerful and fearless personality. The design will provide a unique retail experience through literally allowing shoppers to follow the path taken by Ibn Battuta as he traveled through the lands of Spain and Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China. The architecture of these six regions is reflected through the construction of six courts comprising of the Tunisian Court, the Egyptian Court, the Persian Court, the Spanish Court, the Indian Court and the Chinese Court. The Mall is set to capture peoples' imaginations, allowing them to experience a world of shopping and entertainment unlike any other.


It is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road between 5th and 6th interchange. An interchange has been made for direct access to the Mall, to ease traffic pressure and to make the drive to Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall a pleasant beginning to the overall experience. The interchange consists of two bridges acting as directional links to the Mall.


It reflects the finest piece of Islamic Architecture in this century and the historic authenticity of ancient Islamic Inventions.


The Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall will house the UAE’s largest cinema, Grand Cinema Megaplex. This 21 screen theatre will also include the very first IMAX cinema in the Emirates, all built to international standards with cutting edge entertainment technology, including automated cinema, wall-to-wall screens, stadium seats with extra legroom, full digital sound and a ultra stylish lobby. Grand Gardens Megaplex will seat 300 people, in addition to over 350 at the IMAX.


With a capacity to hold over 5,000 cars and over 300 retail outlets, some of them mega-size retail outlets, the themed mall has become an important Landmark in Dubai.


The food court is a major highlight of the mall, offering a diverse range of international cuisine. The new concept will create a welcoming atmosphere with 16 individualised food court outlets to choose from, all in one destination.


Géant Hypermarket is a part of the French retailing giant Groupe Casino; the hypermarket covers a floor space of 200,000 sq ft. 'Géant is the newest hypermarket in the region and will be an entirely new shopping experience for people in the UAE. Géant stocks and sells over 65,000 products ranging from groceries, bakery and butchery products, textiles, fashion wear, shoes, jewellery, electronics, sporting goods, household items and accessories, cosmetics, perfumes and much more.
This hypermarket incorporates a very high standard of display and merchandising and is today a leader in the market in aesthetically designed hypermarkets. It has raised the bar and set new retailing standards in the industry.


Over 1 km long, JCMI was proud to be involved in the Interiors, exterior and Fit-out Works of the Mall, which was achieved in a record execution time of four months.


Andalusia Court is constructed in the style of 14th century Andalusia, offering everything you need to complete your daily tasks. The Court is designed for convenience with tenants including banks, florist, travel agency etc.


Tunis Court has been designed to resemble a 14 th century North African market place, complete with magnificent blue skies and an innovative Food Court. It also includes UAE’s first Geant Hypermarket.


Egypt Court mirrors 14th century Cairo, the largest city in the Middle East during medieval times. The Minor Court and Exteriorare themed with hieroglyphic friezes representing Ancient Egypt.


Persia Court, built in the style of 14th century Persian Architecture is home to selected department stores including Debenhams, Bhs, Paris Gallery. The Persian Dome is another skyline feature and is one of the finest pieces of Islamic Architecture.


India Court is constructed to be just exquisitive as the international designer fashions and accessories it houses. Another exceptional feature of the Court is the astonishing Elephant Clock, an elegant 8m-high time piece that is truly a work of art.


China Court, built in the style of 14th century China, houses a 21” screen Megaplex, including UAE’s first IMAX theatre and seven concept fine dining restaurants. This court also houses an amazing life size Chinese Junk, which is representative of the life size Chinese Junk, which represents the Junk that Ibn Battuta shipwrecked in China.


The areas covered up were as follows:


Tunisia Court – Full Interior Theming & Fit-out

India Court – Full Interior Theming & Fit-out

Complete Exterior Theming

Reception Counters & Furniture

Food Court – Full Interior Theming & Fit-out

Public Toilets – Full Interior Theming & Fit-out

India Palace Restaurant – Full Interior Theming & Fit-out

Emirates Bank – Full Interior Theming & Fit-out

Our scope of work involved 50,000 m2 of Interior Works and complete Exterior Theming of a building exceeding 4 kilometres of circumferences upto heights reaching more than 30 metres in some areas totaling over 75,000m2 External Theming works.


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